Ignite Your Manifestation Superpowers

You hustle and grind every day. You work hard and take action and have moments where everything is kick-ass.  

But, something is missing. You KNOW the power of intention and have studied the laws of attraction. Your passion drives you forward and you are always bringing in new things hoping that it’s the one thing that will help you get consistent results. 

You see others with consistent results and wonder HOW they are succeeding even though they have the same hours as you do in every day. You even try to meditate and moderate your life so you don’t feel so overwhelmed trying to get ahead. You know you are working too hard for inconsistent and periodic results.  

There is SOMETHING that you are missing. You have a trick up your sleeve that you may not even realized: the power of using your energy for manifestation.  

As a high-performing biz babe, you can build a life and business that feels effortless, successful and joyful. You can manifest consistent success…  

New 8-week Program

My new course is designed to help you power up your intuition and energy and teach you ways to effectively and easily bring forth what you desire while feeling ease and being in flow.  

A little about me here... 

I’m Seo Kelleher, an intuitive life and biz coach with a history of high-performance hustling that sometimes meant working non-stop, always striving to reach my next goal. Sometimes, that hard work paid off. Most of the time I wondered why everything felt so difficult and why my successes were so hard-won.  

Then, I learned more about the law of attraction and the guiding principles of manifesting. I tuned in and discovered how to work with my own intuition and energy. I aligned my vibration to those things I desire most. Things changed for me. 

And, things also change for my clients. The results I’ve been able to help create using my practiced techniques and manifestation and alignment coaching have been astounding. 

Clients have manifested: 

  • $5k in one day with little effort, and no work involved 
  • Production of successful national conference with sponsorships
  • Zero to $8K/month within 3 months of leaving day job 
  • Resolution of work conflict & subsequent promotion 
  • Speaking opportunities in local events full of ideal clients  

And, the biggest lesson all of my clients have learned is this.  

Manifesting can feel effortless. It doesn’t require all the hard work and the strife and struggling.  

Once you learn how to bring these powers into your life, you will feel like you have gained a superpower to bring in the small – and big – things you desire with ease. You WILL feel in flow with your day-to-day and be in control of bringing opportunities to you. 

This program is for you if...

  • You are already getting tolerable or inconsistent results in manifesting, and want to learn the missing elements so you are empowered and intentional every single time. 
  • You have studied the law of attraction and need help applying the principles in real life. 
  • You are a high-performing woman who takes action and works so hard, but experience frustration because the results haven’t happened yet. 
  • You are working, working, working – but your striving doesn’t give you the results that others seem to achieve more easily. 
  • You are doing really well in one area of your life (like business), but you’re not pleased with other aspects (like relationship). This shows that there is an imbalance or misalignment of energies and intentions.  
  • You need to recalibrate and balance to be totally magic in all that you do. 
  • You are woo-curious and want to manage your intuition and energy to help you in your everyday life – personally and professionally. 
  • You are used to getting fast results as a high performing woman, but your results have you on the edge of burnout. 

What if you could become efficient, high-performing and manifesting too?  

In this program, you will gain...

  • Knowledge of your unique manifesting gifts and the steps and principles of manifesting so you can be true to yourself and effectively bring forth what you desire.
  • Understanding of those things that are your “kryptonite” – those blocks and resistances that are holding you back – and how to release what it is that you are lacking. 
  • Strategies to open your intuition and learn how to use it to know where and how to align your vibrations with what you want so you can manifest it quickly and powerfully. 
  • Clarity on what it is that you desire most, why you want it and the actions to take to bring those things to you. 
  • Tactics to increase how quickly that which you desire comes to you. 
  • Grounded methods to balance, align and recalibrate your energies so you can see positive successes in all aspects of your life. 
  • Understanding of your energetic vibrations so you can be in better control of consistent successful results, without burnout. 

This 8-Week manifestation course starts the week of April 23, 2018 and runs consecutively through the week of June 11, 2018.

You can expect:  

  • Weekly workbooks and lesson videos 
  • Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls  
  • Private Facebook Group for Interaction & Support  
  • Bonus #1 – Personal 3-card Oracle reading via Facebook Messenger (10 available)
  • Bonus #2 – Collection of Top 5 Abundance Mindset Practices (30 available)
  • Total Value: $1,499  


You're in luck! I'm letting the first 30 students in at a special price 

Normal price: $555  

Your price: $333 (for a limited time) - Limited space available 

VIP Option: $777 (with two 1:1 sessions) - only 2 spaces left 

Here's what I'll be teaching...


Get super clear on what you want. The first step to manifest what you desire is getting really clear and specific to what you want to bring forth. I will discuss and show you how to do that.  


What's Stopping You? We will uncover and remove blocks that are getting in your way of manifesting effectively and powerfully.  


Good Vibrations, baby. Using the principles of the laws of attraction, you will learn how to align your vibration and place the order for what you'd like to manifest.  


It’s time to put your aligned actions to work. Now that you've placed your order, you’re ready to start. We’ll talk steps to take actions to manifest without all the difficult striving and hard efforts.  


This is the Jedi Mind stuff. Once you learn how to manage and use your energy to ground, protect and recharge yourself, you will feel like a superhero.  


Your intuition is your Wonder Woman Lasso. You have an inner GPS to help you navigate this manifesting journey. Learn how to receive answers and enhance your manifesting powers.  


Troubleshooting through your journey. Once in a while we may get stuck or self-sabotage. It's part of the journey. We’ll work on methods to troubleshoot and tune-up our manifesting powers to keep going.  


Here’s where you learn to fly effortlessly. Now that you've learned how to tap into manifestation, you are ready for the battle, right? But, there is no battle. Just ease & flow.  



You're in luck! I'm letting the first 30 students in at a special price 

Normal price: $555  

Your price: $333 (for a limited time) - Limited Space Available

VIP Option: $777 (with two 1:1 sessions) - only 2 spaces left